LaTeX and Beamer

The LaTeX logo, typeset with LaTeX

I’ve been working on a series of presentations with a friend to present to the Public Health Agency of Canada in February.

While I normally build my presentations using Prezi, I’ve opted to build these presentations using \LaTeX and the Beamer class. This will allow me to build some rather beautiful slides relatively easily, while providing all the typical functionality that \LaTeX offers. Additionally, the slides can double as notes for those in attendance, thus simplifying my workload.

Anyway, while reacquainting myself with Beamer and its functions, I found this excellent website by Ian Blanes that illustrates the different themes that are available within Beamer. Fantastic to say the least. Well done Ian, and thank you for all of the hard work and effort to pull this excellent resource together.

Also, because I always forget the standard preamble to set up a Beamer document, I’m going to include it here for the next time I’m in need of building a non-Prezi presentation:


\usetheme{Theme Name}

\usecolortheme{Colour Theme Name}


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